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Welcome to Forum for Sustainable Agriculture in Africa (FOSAA)

Forum for Sustainable Agriculture in Africa (FOSAA) is an organisation with a mandate of promoting empowerment of local farmers to become actors in the agricultural sector’s value chains (especially apiary, mushroom, and rice and maize value chains). FOSAA is committed to develop human potential for self empowerment of farmers through day-to-day applied Agribusiness Innovations/Technologies, Policy Advocacy, Research, and promotion of Human Rights and better agricultural methods for social, economic and educational developments. The organisation is dedicated to mobilising funds for; agribusiness innovation/technology incubations and out-scaling, capacity building in agricultural research, policy improvement and fighting the AIDS epidemic that has greatly affected the agriculture labour force. The welfare of these farmers was further weakened by the economic liberalisation in which they cannot advantageously position themselves but rather vulnerable to exploitation by the traders. In order to bring these marginalised farmer categories into the national/regional economic mainstream, the founders formed an organisation to promote best agricultural practices for increased production and value addition for poverty eradication and sustainable livelihoods in rural and urban communities. In general, practitioners, policy makers, private sector and academia in the agricultural sector are increasingly facing complex changes making it necessary to be innovative in our thinking and practice. How do stakeholders in the agricultural sector adapt to the call for climate mitigation measures, globalisation of agricultural markets, and demand for democratisation of agricultural resources management just to mention a few triggers of change. The agency “Forum for Sustainable Agriculture in Africa” offers stakeholders, knowledge and skills to design and facilitate adaptation management processes built on participation, facilitation, joint learning and inter-disciplinary approaches. Learning in adaptive agricultural management is particularly formulated in experiential learning/doing methodologies which form an integral part of FOSAA.

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